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Our Story

The “ah ha” moment came from Blue Heart Hero™, our cutting-edge prosthetics design firm where we first got our start. While creating a 3D printed attachment for those with upper limb differences, we identified a problem: something as simple as holding a coffee cup can prove to be a challenge if your hand shape is varied in any way.  Not all hands are created equal. Our extremities come in many shapes, sizes, and capabilities. The evolution of the coffee cup now appears to be at a crossroad and at the intersection of change. We went right to work. We brainstormed, sketched, created dozens of prototypes from our 3D printers, tested the best grip until perfection. Eventually 25 ceramic designs at Mom’s Ceramic Studio in Massapequa, New York were created bringing those one step closer to that wonderful cup of Joe. After painstaking testing and perfecting, the first Human Friendly™ mug to fit everyone with partially functional hands or partial upper limb and fully abled bodies was born. 

Blue Heart Hero 3D attachments for Upper Limb Differences

We are on a mission to make the world more Human Friendly™ by introducing our concept into the everyday lives of the consumer. It may have started with a mug, but our goal is to rapidly change how the world designs for all people.

CURVD is Human Friendly
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Patent Pending Design

Perfectly and carefully engineered for comfort for every type of hand.

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Multiple Grips 

Comfortable options for every type of grip.

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ECO Friendly Material

Made with non toxic, BPA-free ceramic, that is dishwasher and microwave safe.