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One Product At a Time

Our Story

From the founders of Blue Heart Hero, Amin Hasani and Jed Tango, two engineers in Brooklyn NY, that looked at the problems of those with partial upper limb difference with everyday objects. They learned to adapt the products to people using simple 3d printable solutions. 
One day they designed a 3d printable handle that enabled amputees to lift a mug, then the light bulb lit up: design a new mug. 
They called it Human Friendly™ mug. They started CURVD® to redesign everyday products with everyone in mind, starting with the most common drink-ware, a coffee mug. 

Blue Heart Hero 3D attachments for Upper Limb Differences

CURVD® is on a mission to make the world more Human Friendly™ by redesigning everyday products. It may have started with a mug, but the goal is to continue the mission.

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Patent Pending Design

Perfectly and carefully engineered for comfort for every type of hand.

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Multiple Grips 

Comfortable options for every type of grip.

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ECO Friendly Material

Made with non toxic, BPA-free ceramic, that is dishwasher and microwave safe.