The "ah ha" moment occurred while creating a 3D printed attachment for those with upper limb differences on our 3D community platform, Blue Heart Hero.


We identified the problem as the process of holding a coffee cup is different for all hands. We are a diverse group of people living in a melting pot, yet our cups are designed for two hands and 10 fingers. What is that about? Not all hands are created equal. Our extremities come in all sizes, shapes, functionality and ages. The evolution of the coffee cup now appears to be at a crossroad and at the intersection of change.

For those craving a hot cup of coffee in the morning: we brainstormed, sketched and prototyped designs. Eventually 25 ceramic designs at Mom's Ceramic Studio in Massapequa, New York were created bringing those one step closer to that wonderful cup of Joe. After additional testing, the first Human Friendly Mug handle to fit everyone with partially functional hands or partial upper limb and fully abled bodies was born.


Drinkware designed for every hand; those with upper limb differences to full functional bodies. 


We are starting with the mug, but we are working our way to fix how the world designs for all people. 


We are diverse team of passionate engineers and designers ambitious to design human friendly products for every hand. 

Amin Hasani


Samantha Nullman


Jed Tango


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