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New York, New York 

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The science of Curvd 

The precise engineering, design decisions, and

testing behind Curvd mug's design. 

It started with 3D printable solutions to every day activities for those with upper limb difference. The idea was to adapt people with upper limb difference to the world,  why can't we adapt the world to all hands?  We started with the product that gives human the most simple joy of our everyday lives: a mug.  The problem was that mugs are not designed for all hands. Because all hands are different. Some hand are small, some are large, some are wide, some are narrow, some are weaker, some are stronger, some have 3 fingers, and some have none.

We sketched 95 ideas

3D Printed 37 Designs

Prototyped 12 Ceramic mugs

Selected 1 design 

Perfectly angled to hold the mug effortlessly. 

Design elements:

  • Inclusive - multiple grips. 

  • Light weight

  • Ergonomic 

  • Fits commercial & domestic dishwashers

  • Modern look

Two carefully designed curves that allow those with upper limb difference to lift the mug.

Wide handle to prevent from rotating or slipping in all 3 directions x-y-z.

The change of profile section lowers the center of mass for perfect balance.

Tapered body for a modern look.