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For Every Hand™

CURVD® is a coffee mug designed with everyone in mind. From average bodies to those with upper limb difference, Parkinson's, lower dexterity, and invisible disability, CURVD's patented mug serves everyone equally. 


In a world designed with majorities in mind,
CURVD® is changing the status quo on everyday products starting with Human Friendly™ mugs.

Changing the status quo.

The smooth curves represent good nature and friendliness. The wide handle provides a feeling of safety and security.The comfort provided by less pressure on finger joints offers relaxation.
The warmth that radiates from the contents of a comfortably held mug brings joy.

Curvd mug in a restaurant

CURVD's Mission

By incorporating a high level of inclusivity in all our products,
we can make an impact on the world, one product at a time.

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Customer Love

“In addition to MS, I was born with symbrachydactyly, essentially some bones and parts of my one hand (which I refer to as my 'party hand') never formed. I just discovered a product that is super helpful. Curvd is a mug with a specially designed handle, it's wider and with more room at the bottom than standard handles and it gives me numerous options to hold it that standard cups don't (holding cups can be an awkward experience for me if I have to use my party hand). It's extremely helpful and I hope these guys make some other sizes (beer mugs folks!)”

- Devin

“This mug is an improvement in every way over conventional mug designs. The handle distributes the weight of the mug and its contents in such a way that it is very stable and comfortable to hold.”

- Adam